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How to use ear candles:

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  • It is not recommended that you candle your ears by yourself.
  • Completely cover hair with a towel, exposing the ear to be candled.
  • Place narrow end of candle into the ear.
    You may position the candle in the ear so there is a 45 degree angle.
  • This allows the wax a place to deposit along the side of the candle.
  • The candle is then pointing diagonally.
  • Light the candle before inserting it into the canal.
    Make sure there is a steady flame before inserting it into the ear.
    The flame propels the smoke down the candle
    and should never be "out" during the treatment.
  • Check for escaping smoke at ear level and turn candle until a seal is formed. 
    A good seal makes a better vacuum effect.
  • The flame will flicker and crackle as the wax is drawn up.
    After about 4 minutes you will notice white smoke twirl out the end;
    the pulling is starting!
  • Allow the candle to burn down to about 2-3 inches from the ear.
    Gently remove candle and put out the flame in water.

  • Never blow out or snuff out candle while it is still in the ear.

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